Aesthetically pleasing geospatial data, and some side projects in water resources related data.


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  1. The Commoner

    I am not a defeatist when approaching environmental problems, yet, I am astounded at the lack of understanding people tend to have (myself included) respecting the looming crises precipitated by our infinite growth economic paradigm and therefore make attempts to get them engaged by projecting cynicism. I appreciate your models and have incorporated one into a video (with full credit to your site – no my youtube channel is not monetized so I will not be making money off of your good work ). Living in Nebraska, I have engineered it to make a point to preparedness advocates and Nebraskans alike that no amount of stockpiled supplies can save them from a water crisis (alluding to the idea that we need to think about solutions NOW). As I am not a scientist (I possess only an associate’s degree in General Sciences), I may not be as well-informed on the matter of water as I should be. Nevertheless, I may be an example of the citizen you wish to inform. One question, do you know if current agricultural practices utilizing the Ogallala aquifer are indeed posing a risk of depletion? I have seen only one study by the USGS on this matter. Good work, and take care.

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